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History of the Association

The founders of the Michigan State Association of Parliamentarians met in Detroit under the chairmanship of Gladys Richardson (who became the first president) and resolved to form an association, which was chartered May 4, 1968. The president of NAP, Mrs. Allen H. Dawson, presented the charter to MSAP during the first convention, which was held in

MSAP includes the following Local NAP Units:

The Detroit Unit, chartered in 1963, was initially called the Emma Fox Unit. It was named after a Detroit resident who was the author of a widely used parliamentary authority. The unit meets all year on the fourth Saturday of each month except December, when they meet on the third Saturday, at the Employment and Training Building in Detroit. 

The Kalamazoo Parliamentary Law Unit was founded in 1946 by seven women leaders of the area as the Kalamazoo Parliamentary Club. They asked a professor at Western Michigan University to teach in parliamentary procedure. Chartered on October 6, 1967, they meet quarterly in February, May, September, and November.

The Parliamentary Unit of Oakland was founded in August 1976. The first assignment was to write bylaws, which were subsequently adopted in November. The charter was issued in April 1978. The name was changed to Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit following the founder's death on April 24, 1990. The unit meets on the third Tuesday of each month, September through May, at the First Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. 

The Michigan Unit of Registered Parliamentarians (MURP) was chartered in 1989. The unit was founded by Leona Meyer, it's first president. The unit meets quarterly at the call of the president. 

The Redford Unit was founded by longtime Detroit Unit member Grace Banks and chartered in 1994. The unit meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Redford Aldersgate Church in Redford. 

The Genesee Area Unit organized in May 2002, with Dr. Gail Knapp elected as the unit's first president. The charter was issued on January 29, 2003. The unit meets the third Monday of the month from September through May at Mott Community College. 


1968 – 1970 Mrs. Leo P. (Gladys) Richardson*
1970 – 1972 Mrs. John H. (Vera) Ganschow*
1972 – 1974 Dr. James A. McMonagle*
1974 – 1976 Mrs. John (Gertrude) Schramek*
1976 – 1978 Mrs. Robert (Janice) vanBlaricom
1978 – 1980 Mrs. William (Elizabeth) White
1980 – 1982 Mrs. Robert (Lucille) Gove*
1982 – 1984 Mrs. Robert (Leona) Meyer*
1984 – 1986 Mrs. Nathaniel (Grace) Banks
1986 – 1988 Mrs. Roger (Claire) Harter*
1988 – 1990 Dr. Leonard M. Young
1990 – 1992 Mrs. Dale (Betty Berg) Drew*
1992 – 1994 Mrs. Darrell (Nola) Pursiful*
1994 – 1996 Mr. Roger K. Harter*
1996 – 1999 Mr. Lyle A. Kleman
1999 – 2001 Mrs. Victor (Josephine) Horne
2001 – 2003 Ms. Connie M. Deford
2003 – 2005 Mrs. James (Patricia) Dolan
2005 – 2007 Ms. Rosa L. Williams
2007 – 2009 Mr. Maurice S. Henderson
2009 – 2011 Ms. Joyce A. Brown-Watkins

2011 - 2013 Ms. Carolyn Stubbs

2013-2015 Ms.Edna Arrington

2015-2017 Judy Edwards

2017-2019 Julie Pioch


MSAP History

2009 - 2011 Biennium

2011 - 2013 Biennum

Want to Become a Member?

To become a member of MSAP you must also belong to the National Association of Parliamentarians.  However, anyone interested in parliamentary procedure is welcome to join a local unit as a provisional member. For more information, use our contact form We look forward to hearing from you!

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