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NAP 2023 Convention Report
Click here to read President Jackson's 2023 NAP Convention Report that was presented at the MSAP meeting on October 21,2023
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November, 2023

      This will be our last eblast of 2023.  We are almost a quarter into the new century.  I’m probably not the only one who remembers the panic of Y2K and all of the predictions that the earth would stand still as we moved from the 1900s to the 2000s.  Hard to believe that was 23 years ago! 

       As we end this year, a few reminders about NAP.  Your national and state dues expire 12-31-2023.  You can pay them online through the NAP website.  Thanks to all of you who have already paid your dues.

      For those of us who are credentialed, RPs/PRPs, a new system of maintaining your credential will start January 1, 2024.  If you are a RP, you must earn 10 CEUs every two years, of which one CEU has to a presentation on Professional Responsibility (ethics).  If you are a PRP, you must earn 15 CEUs every two years, of which 2 CEUs must be on Professional Responsibility.  The workshop/presentation must be approved for CEUs  by the Commission on Credentialing.  There is a form you must complete that must include your membership number so that your CEUs can be tracked by the commission. I have asked the MSAP 2nd VP, Jacalyn Shelton Wallace to review the process whereby our Better Meetings/Happier Members presentations can be approved for CEUs.

    Early in 2024, we will start to publish plans for the Annual Meeting.  Please look for announcements and registration information in January.  The meeting will be held virtually in 2024. 

      As we approach the holiday season, it must be remembered that not everyone is a Christian, and not everyone is religious or religious in the traditional sense. Whatever one’s beliefs, the end of the year can be a time for reflection and thought about your life, your goals, your plans, and your future.

            Have a safe holiday season!  “See” you in 2024!

Frances Jackson, PhD, RN(r), PRP

President, MSAP



Autumn 2023


It’s that time in Michigan when outdoor enthusiasts sing praises about the coming fall and the beautiful palette of colors that nature paints on the landscape of this great lake state.  Many of you who own cabins are making one last trip to secure your cottages for the winter.  Others just enjoy driving north on I-75 to see the leaves changing colors.  However, now that the biennium convention is over, parliamentarians are focused on the never-ending joy of keeping abreast of the book we fondly call RONR.

One of the members of MSAP has started a PRP study group. While this activity is not sponsored or endorsed by MSAP, studying RONR is never a bad thing.  Jump into the fray. Don’t talk yourself out of it.  Join the group even if you’re not sure you want to be a PRP for the sure joy of learning the more difficult rules that PRPs are expected to know. Remember, becoming a professional parliamentarian is a journey, not a destination! The learning and re-learning never stops.

The biennium convention in Atlanta was almost surreal. There were tensions at the convention from the beginning, culminating in a historic rebuke of the national board and their failure to provide due process for the four members of the Credentialing Commission who were removed last year at the NTC.  A resolution to censure the board was adopted by a slim margin, but adopted nonetheless.  Never in the history of NAP has the national board been censured for its actions. The resolution to censure the board must be posted on the public part of the NAP website in the same manner and for the same length of time as the document announcing the removal of the four commissioners was posted.  That means it will be posted for 12 months.

We have new national leadership, not only on the national board, but also on the Commission on Credentialing. We wish our new leaders well as they assume the helm of this organization. While some members are pleased with the new, leaner, credentialing process, others are concerned that one can become a RP without being required to demonstrate the ability to apply the rules.  Only time will tell which group’s concerns are the more valid. The Commission on Credentialing has made many changes, not only to the credentialing process, but also to the renewal requirements. If you are a RP or PRP, you are strongly urged to visit the NAP website and read the new rules for renewing your credential.  The new process begins January 1, 2024. In light of these new changes, your president has asked the chair of the Education Committee to explore the steps to having our Better Meetings/Happier Members presentations approved for CEU credits.  We will keep you informed on this matter as it evolves.

While it may appear early to do so, MSAP must start planning our annual meeting for April, 2024. Per the rules of MSAP, the 2024 annual meeting will be virtual.  Please contact me or Jacalyn Shelton-Wallace if you have ideas or requests regarding workshops or other topics for presentation during the annual meeting.

Finally, the Membership Committee has been hard at work updating the Membership Manual for 2023-2025.  Based on their progress, it is my expectation that the manual will be disseminated prior to the quarterly Board of Directors meeting in October. It will contain the full roster of officers, committees, and the most up to date membership roster with names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.  Please check the information in the manual and notify us immediately if any corrections need to be made.

Frances Jackson

President, MSAP



July 2023


To the Members of the Michigan State Association of Parliamentarians:


As this new administration is starting its work, I want to give the members of MSAP the opportunity to make recommendations on any programs, topic ideas, or other suggestions you might have. Please contact me and I will make sure your ideas are sent to the proper committee for review and recommendation. 

     I have asked the Membership Committee to create a new Membership Manual that will include the roster for the Board of Directors and MSAP committees, meeting dates for 2023-2025, and meeting dates for Better Meetings, Happier Members educational presentations. The Membership roster will be updated to reflect information received from NAP Headquarters current as of May, 2023. 

    Finally, we will make every effort to have a picture taken at the convention in Atlanta of all MSAP members in attendance. Listen for the announcement from the podium.


   Have a safe and happy summer!


   Frances Jackson, PhD, RN(r), PRP



June, 2023


To the Members of the Michigan State Association of Parliamentarians:


This is my first time greeting you as the newly elected president of MSAP.  I am humbled yet inspired by your confidence in electing me to this position.  It is my goal to build on the accomplishments of preceding administrations to continue the legacy of this organization and to make it bigger and better than before.  I will be assisted in this goal by a capable group of officers and committees that will do the heavy lifting of making this organization functional and responsive to both the needs of the membership and the public. 


I would be amiss if I did not extend my personal thanks and the gratitude of all members of MSAP to past president Gretchen Denton and the Board of Directors that served 2021-2023 for their capable leadership and hard work in helping to make MSAP one of the largest and best functioning state organizations in NAP. Thank you.  Job well done!


The Executive Committee is hard at work attempting to fill all of the committee assignments. As of the writing this communication, we still have vacancies on the Membership and Extension Committee, the Youth Committee and the Education Committee.  If you’ve been waiting for someone to ask you if you would like to serve on a MSAP Committee, the wait is over!  I am asking anyone interested in serving on one of the above committees will please contact me to discuss your interests. With nearly 200 active members, we should be able to fill all committee slots.  Don’t delay; volunteer today!


Currently, MSAP has 5 units: Detroit, Mid-Michigan, Kalamazoo Parliamentary Law Unit, Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit, and the Michigan Unit of Registered Parliamentarians.  The membership in all of these units put together, does not exceed the number of members-at-large that reside in this state but who are not affiliated with any of our established units.  I have been thinking that a virtual unit might be the vehicle by which many of our MALs could participate with a unit, participate with monthly educational sessions, help prepare to take the RP exam, and generally extend their parliamentary knowledge and networking.  We have at least 130 MALs in this state.  If there is interest in forming a virtual unit or even establishing a physical unit, please contact me directly.


The first meeting of the Board of Directors will take place on June 17, 2023 at 10 AM.  At that meeting delegates to the NAP Biennium Convention will be elected.  The board will also confirm the meeting dates for all Board meetings and the annual meetings for the next two years.  Once the dates are confirmed, we will publish the dates in the next edition of the monthly e-blast.


Once again, thank you for this opportunity to serve. I look forward to our working together in the coming months.

Frances Jackson, PRP

MSAP President        

2023-2025 MSAP Board of Directors


President                                Francis Jackson

First Vice- President              Todd Ellis

Second Vice-President          Jacalyn Shelton Wallace

Recording Secretary              Eleanor “Coco” Siewert

Treasurer                               Laurie Marshall

Directors                                Sharon Person,

                                              Cynthia Reaves 

                                              Carol Prahinski

Corresponding Secretary      Mary Ann Rosenberger

Historian                                Lois Shulman

Parliamentarian                     Joyce Brown-Watkins


Committee Chairs 

Bylaws and Standing Rules        Elizabeth Haynes

Membership and Extension        Diane Bostic Robinson

Education                                   Jacalyn Shelton Wallace

Communications                        Carolyn Stubbs

Budget and Finance                   Susan Schneberger

Youth                                          Joyce Brown-Watkins

Website                                      Julie Pioch

ZoomKeeper                              Elizabeth Haynes

State Coordinating                     Todd Ellis

Nominating                                 Erica Shifflet-Chila

Auditor                                        Blinda Baker


Unit Presidents

Detroit Unit                                             Kimberly Fisher-Alexander       

Mid-Michigan Unit                                  Erica Shifflet-Chila

Kalamazoo Parliamentary Law              Todd Ellis

Louise Saks Parliamentary Unit             Mary Ann Rosenberger                     

MURP                                                    Barbara Bonsignore


Want to Become a Member?


1) Take the membership exam to become a member of the  the National Association of Parliamentarians


2) Join one of our local units as a provisional member.

 For more information, use our contact form.

 We look forward to hearing from you!

2023-2025 Biennium Meeting Schedule

Until further notice, all MSAP board meeting will be video conference meetings

Meeting time will be 10:00 AM

Educational lesson will follow the board meeting and the president is committed to a 1:00 p.m. adjournment. 


June 17, 2023

October 21, 2023

January 20, 2024

April (Annual Meeting) 2024

June, 2024

October, 2024

January, 2025

April (Annual Meeting) 2025


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