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Michigan unit of registered parliamentarians

Michigan Unit of Registered Parliamentarians, better known as MURP is a group of MSAP members from all over the state of Michigan.


This unit is unique in that it offers advanced study opportunities for its members, many who have parliamentary credentials as Registered (RP) or Professional Registered Parliamentarians (PRP).


However, members do not have to have credentials.  They may be in the process of attaining credentials through examinations offered by the National Association of Parliamentarians and can continue to work toward registration through study opportunities offered in MURP.


Officers for 2016-2018

President Steve Britton, PRP

Vice-president Elizabeth Haynes, RP

Secretary Barbara Bonsignore, RP

Treasurer Joan Wagner, RP


MURP Bylaws Updated April 2016
MURP BYLAWS 4-21-16[1].doc
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Meeting Highlights

Minutes from the 2016 Annual meeting including election results
MURP_minutes_April 8_2016 DRAFT.pdf
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Marshall Michigan, October 3, 2015
Highlight from October 3.docx
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2015 Summer Retreat in Ann Arbor.docx
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Your Opinion Counts – Highlights from MURP’s Summer Retreat - 2014


The summer retreat of the Michigan Unit of Registered Parliamentarians (MURP) met August 1-2, 2014 in the historic Doherty Hotel in Clare, Michigan and made some history for MURP by offering an all-day opinion writing workshop, a first for MURP.


Maurice Henderson, PRP provided the resources we needed and gave us challenging parliamentary scenarios based on true life adventures to help participants work through the wonderful world of opinion writing.  While few parliamentarians revel in writing opinions it is essential when questions arise as simple as "Can we meet without a quorum?" to a more involved, "What shall we do with both the president and vice-president resigning and the Board has stopped functioning?"


A parliamentarian's opinion is based on principles of parliamentary law as well as knowledge of an organization's bylaws and standing rules.  Typically, questions have intriguing back-stories with something contentious behind questions being asked.  A parliamentary answer often begins with, "Based on what you've told me…" The organization decides for itself if they will follow the advice of the parliamentarian.


In brief, Henderson told us how to write a parliamentary opinion.

            Determine exactly what is the question.

Gather all information needed to answer the question, reviewing what the client provides.

            Determine the answer to the question.

            Write the response.

            Review the response to be sure it is clear and accurate.


In groups of four or five, participants tried their collective hand at writing opinions on questions provided and together the group assessed results.  Most concurred that the skill of Making Your Opinion Count takes practice, practice, practice.  The MURP Summer Retreat was a good way to either begin learning or advancing in this essential skill. 


Thank you to MURP Education Chair Steve Britton, PRP for making arrangements and to Maurice Henderson, PRP for providing outstanding workshop leadership.


Gretchen Denton, President

Michigan Unit of Registered Parliamentarians

MURP members working on script writing at the retreat in Clare






NAP Past President Maurice S. Henderson and his Parliamentarian Thomas "Burke" Balch joined MURP for a mock convention workshop in Romulus Michigan in August, 2013.

Want to Become a Member?

To become a member of MSAP you must also belong to the National Association of Parliamentarians.  However, anyone interested in parliamentary procedure is welcome to join a local unit as a provisional member. For more information, use our contact form or feel free to contact one of the local units directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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